Dry Ice Slabs

Are you planning to ship perishable items and need to order dry ice slabs from a supplier near the West Hollywood, CA vicinity? Did you know that a reputable dry ice supplier is nearby to help you? Give us a visit at West Hollywood, CA to meet with our dedicated staff. We serve West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank and all other nearby areas in the State of California.


Dry ice is a practical alternative for you when you want the peace of mind that you can ship perishable items to someone. Some of these items may consist of ice cream, frozen vegetables, pies, meats and other type of foods. With dry ice slabs, you’re assured that your products will arrive at the destination without being damaged. When it comes to the shipment of frozen products, you’re making a smart choice to use dry ice. If you operate a business, you will definitely need to be assured that you’re relying on the right supplier that will charge a reasonable price for the dry ice that you want to order. A top service provider will be ready to have your dry ice shipped directly to your door.  

If you want to buy dry ice for an affordable price, do not hesitate to stop by Sun Service Dry Ice to learn what we can do for you. Regardless if you have an emergency or need to have a good supply of dry ice to ship your perishable products, you can buy dry ice from us. Let us help you preserve fresh fruits and vegetables the sensible way. 

Whether you live in West Hollywood, Los Angeles or in another nearby community, contact the professional staff at Sun Service Dry Ice to learn about the professional services that we can offer you. Our suppliers look forward to serving you.